Day 22 of the Omer: CHESED OF NETZACH

Sefirat HaOmer 2021

Counting the Omer

We are counting from the 2nd day of Pessach until Chag Shavuot. This is a time of preparations and character refinement for receiving the Torah. We count up because we are taking this time and treating it preciously to reap the greatest results and highest potential.

There are 7 days and 7 weeks. These are the 7 Emotional Attributes:

Chesed - Lovingkindness

Gevurah - Justice, Discipline and Restraint

Tiferet - Harmony, Compassion, Balance and Beauty

Netzach - Endurance

Hod - Humility

Yesod - Foundation, Bonding

Malchut - Nobility, Sovereignity

Each week is represented by a specific attribute and each day within that week is represented by an aspect of that attribute. This allows for the examination of the multi-dimensional emotional spectrum.

This day by day analysis will give us the ability to stand back and take an objective look at our subjective emotions in the quest for the development and perfection of these feelings as we grow towards emotional and spiritual maturity.

We are in the 4th week of the Counting of the Omer. This week is Netzach: Endurance, Fortitude and Ambition. Endurance is a combination of determination and tenacity. It is a balance of patience, persistence and guts. Endurance is being reliable and accountable which in turn establishes security and commitment.

Last night we counted Day 22 of the Omer which is Chesed of Netzach.

Lovingkindness in Endurance: For anything to endure it needs to be loved. Endurance without love can be counterproductive. Raw endurance can come across as harsh and aggressive. This would undermine the cooperation of others.

Ask: Does my endurance cause me to be inflexible? Does my drive and determination cause me to be controlling? Is my endurance unloving?

Exercise for today: When fighting for something you believe in, pause a moment to ensure that it is accomplished in a loving manner.

(Based on Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s book “The Counting of the Omer”)

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