Shabbat Shalom & Chag Shavuot Sameach!

Wishing everyone an Inspiring, Uplifting, Peaceful & ReJEWvenating Shabbat Shalom & Chag Shavuot Sameach!!! 😘❤️💐🕯🕯🌙🍷🍞🍽🍰🍇🍉🍒

Montreal Candle-lighting time Friday is earliest 7:03 PM and before 8:22 PM. Saturday night light from an existing flame after 9:38 PM. Sunday night light from an existing flame after 9:39 PM.

Parashat Nasso

This Shabbat we are reading Parachat Nasso in which we read Korbanot Hanessiim. In Sefer Hamidot, Rabbi Nachman of Breslev zt’l says it is a Segula to say Korbanot Hanessiim for Zivoug, Soulmate, all year round, making this Shabbat even more favourable seeing as we are reading Korbanot Hanessiim in this week’s parasha. One should read Korbanot Hanessiim over Shabbat, it is found in Sefer Bamidbar perek 7 (ז׳) (the entire perek) and pray for all singles of am Israel, then pray for your own Zivoug.

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