The Founder & Director

Sigy Laredo


Sigy is the founder and director of JEMS, Jewish Experience Montreal Sisterhood, a Kiruv organization, which empowers Jewish women to restore Jewish values in their family and community through year round learning and trips to Israel. She has been a community leader for 26 years in her hometown, Montreal, and inspired countless souls through her disciplined example, charismatic approach and personal journey.

As a young volunteer and member of many Jewish organizations, she attended numerous funerals and decided to live her life as she wants her eulogy to read. Since then, Sigy embarked on a mission to grow in Torah and Mitzvot and lead her initially reluctant husband and young family on the journey of Teshuva.

As a 9th generation Sabra, raised outside of Israel, she always wanted to give back to her country and people. Sigy lectures in 3 languages internationally at schools, seminaries, synagogues and various women events on topics of:

  • Living inspired

  • Passionate prayers

  • The Power of Shabbat

  • The Gift of Mikvah

  • Kavanot of Challah Making

  • Shalom Bayit

  • Women building Jewish homes

  • Raising proud and responsible children and more

Sigy met her husband Max at the age of 16 years, together they have passionately worked side-by-side building and running a financial brokerage firm and giving back to the community by teaching martial arts benevolently.

Today, Sigy and Max are the proud parents of five sons, two daughters-in-love and six grandchildren.

To invite Sigy to speak for your community send an email