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JEMS PIN $180 or more donation:

The petals of our JEMS pin represent our complete mission. The J stands for Jewish and our JWRP trip experience in Israel and our on-going learning back in our city. The image on the top petal is the JWRP logo. The E on the next petal stands for Experience and Education which we get through learning our precious Torah. The M on the next petal stands for Montreal and special Moments of blessings that a woman creates in her home through the lighting of the Shabbat and Holiday candles. The S on the next petal stands for Sisterhood and Spirituality which is connected to our holy city of Jerusalem and our bond with it. The final petal shows a Jewish table set with Challahs and represents the power a woman has to educate and influence her family and friends over the Shabbat & Holiday meals. 

JEMS APRON $26 donation:

Our JEMS Aprons are made of the highest quality cotton. They are adjustable to fit all sizes. They make a perfect gift for the special women in your lives!

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