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The Jewish Woman's Agenda 
By Sigalit Laredo

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My Story

Sigalit (Sigy) Laredo is the founder and director of JEMS, Jewish Experience Mothers & Sisters, a Kiruv organization, which empowers Jewish women to restore Jewish values in their family and community.

She has been a community leader for 26 years in her hometown, Montreal, and inspired countless souls through her disciplined example, charismatic approach and personal journey.


During COVID, Sigalit reached out to women from the US, South Africa and Israel and taught them via Zoom with her regular Montreal Soul Sisters. JEMS evolved to include women worldwide.

Now she is offering women a beautiful agenda planning diary to track their activities, goals and dreams, while empowering them to live an inspired Jewish life!

In this new JEMS Agenda, you will find a daily planner with the Hebrew and Gregorian dates, some prayers for Shabbat candle lighting, Tehillim 100, Nishmat Kol Chai, a few recipes, workout plan, holiday inspirations and more.

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